Thursday, March 9, 2017

GoFishBeta Job Posting

GoFishBeta is looking for a person of integrity who is willing to use any means necessary to make our company exceptional.

Work Environment
Our work culture is as friendly and casual as you could want—because it’s YOU!  All our staff telecommute from home offices, so theoretically the only workplace conflicts are what you yourself bring.  At home you will enjoy great freedom to work whenever requested.  Our motto is, “We’re usually in our pajamas, but we’re always available.” 

Company Overview
GoFishBeta is the industry leader in its own unique niche.  We are the creators of THE next app that businesses have to adapt to or risk maintaining senior employment.  Our multi-platform modality exploits an “ad in, ad out” content system.  By using the app, our clients realize their unique potential to tweak their mission and even their industry sector, all in real time.  

Essential Duties
Do you check your device every five minutes for personal use?  That’s A-OK!  Now all you need to do is check it every five minutes for work-related communications, too.  That is the job in a nutshell.  Think of your job not as a 40-hour profession but as gaining a family who are helpless without you.  Other duties as needed.

Education Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in a trending or related field.  Our company is wholly unique, but preference will be given to applicants with five years of experience doing what we do.  Pizzazz is a plus. 

How to Apply
Please submit a tasteful “brag book” to our Director of Social Media.  Interviews are conducted by Skype.  Remember to dress professionally and display several creative-type pieces of furniture or home décor behind you.  Be prepared for an on-the-spot offer as we generally frown upon talking it over with family.

Wages and Benefits
Paid employees receive a generous health, dental, and 401(k) plan.  This is an unpaid internship which is great exposure and sure to land you a string of other internships—resumé gold!

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